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The club just finished the indoor season. While it was a trying year during COVID, the athletes had the opportunity to get in some work. Athletes participated in several indoor meets with great results. In addition, we had the opportunity to see part of our vision achieved by investing and sowing into new track club in Calvert County.

Due to the growth and demand of track & field in Calvert County, our South Division has now morphed into a new stand-alone track club, Speed and Endurance. Coach Kenny, former South Division Head Coach, will lead the charge in South County. The Panther organization invested into the formation of the club and we wish them nothing but the best. Although separate clubs, we are still family!

The Crucial Lesson Sports Parents Must Learn From Covid

Trying to find a diamond in the rough these days is like looking for a raisin in this gigantic pile of pandemic poop.

It ain’t easy.  That’s how it feels to write about Covid and youth sports. Many athletes lost their seasons, some their chance to play in college, and many lost loved ones. So to talk about a positive around youth sports feels, well, a little uncomfortable.

But this one is so important that I’m going there


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